2014. augusztus 5., kedd


We all look for something in our life.The right way, good decision, the ultimate answer - and sometimes Michael...
The four Hungarian jewellery designers have their prospective objects of the search and used different methods of seeking. But at the very end they all get closer to Michael...
This is the third exhibition presented by the Stillwaters Group on Schmuck in Munich. This time our show goes around the topic of searching, titled: LOOKING for MICHAEL
The theme comes from the last year stay in Munich, when we unsuccessfully looked for the well known bookseller Michael Collins. We've mixed up him with someone else who would have been Michael willingly, but he wasn't. This awkward and funny story stayed with us for a while and when we started thinking about our new exhibition project, the evening was recalled and we kept thinking about it. It came up, that this simple story can have many more dimension than it looked like first.
The exhibition LOOKING for MICHAEL was presented first the 4th October 2014, on the Design Week Budapest.
Now we will exhibit it in Munich during the Schmuck.
After two exhibitions in Goldberg Studios, we found a new intimate location by Web Up Media on Kreutzplaetchen Platz.

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